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Expedite construction project lifecycle using the most versatile software.

Transportation EngineeringDesign

Geometric design and quantity takeoff for any type of highways project.

Land Surveying SoftwareAutomate

Complete solution for Land Surveying with built-in CAD environment.

GIS MappingSwift

Tools to connect land surveying with Geographic Information System.


Civil Engineering software for Land Surveying, Estimation and Geometric Design.


Industry specific solutions from planning till complete execution of construction projects.


Standard and customized trainings with certifications at regular intervals.
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Our mission is to create the best and affordable Civil Engineering software solutions and deliver them to our clients.

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Uniquely enable infrastructure development with faster, precise and proven Civil Engineering software solutions. Customer centric approach to involve at every stage of the process for successful project completion.
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Providing Civil Engineering software solutions, consulting and trainings for civil engineering requirements globally. Quick deployment of solutions for meaningful data processing with minimal efforts and time.
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Land Surveying Solution
Surveying Solution


AutoPlotter is a general application with powerful features for faster and accurate land survey data processing. Our customers have used the software for land development, route planning, mining, hydrographic and hydrological requirements.
GIS mapping software

AutoPlotter GIS+

GIS+ provides value addition for mapping with functionalities of automatic parcel / block creation. Specifically useful for field staff to quickly prepare maps and attach attributes to them so that it can be adopted into the standard GIS environment.
road design software

Road Estimator

Road Estimator eases quantity surveying of roads, highways, expressways & railways construction by quick cross section generation and quantity calculation. Most preferred software by contractors & consultants and approved by various agencies.
highway design software


AutoRoads is a design suite catering to the needs of consultants and contractors in highway design. AutoRoads features unique integration between geometric design aspects giving the designer complete control during entire design process.
Canal cross section plotting software


Canal Section Estimator (CanSE) module is ideal for cross section generation and quantity calculation of canal. CanSE has features for drop design based on criteria which is particularly useful for design of branch canals, equipped to define drains.

We started using AutoPlotter Road Estimator system for our Greater Noida Expressway project way back in 2001 and now AutoPlotter Road Estimator has been an integral part for any of our infrastructure Projects. One of the greatest virtues of Road Estimator is in-depth domain knowledge on Road Construction and an extremely easy user interface.

Vikas Birla
Soma Enterprises Limited

Excellent software! I was recommended to use Road Estimator because our project requirements in the Mumbai – Pune Expressway were complex. Road Estimator has very efficiently handled all complexities and made the quantity calculation very easy for us.

Gayatri Projects Limited

The software meets main criteria that most surveyors are looking for. AP provides a package that is easy to use, increases productivity, and does not make a dent in the pocket. With a little familiarity of CAD, the learning curve is nonexistent. This is one of the most user friendly software that I have seen in many years for Surveyors!

Hitesh Desai
Unique Survey

We made Road Estimator part of our road projects long back. Special mention about its features for hill road construction, high embankment, deep cut, different types of retaining structures.. our job was much easier with the tool.

Vinay B
DRN Infrastructure

Infycons Surveying solution
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Introducing our new affordable software for fulfilling the day-to-day basic requirements of land surveying.

Engineering the best solutions

Industry specific Civil Engineering software solutions to meet the project requirements. Tailored solutions for Land Surveying, Roads and Highways. Mining, Railways and Irrigation construction activities.
Survey mapping software


Manage and control survey data to process and produce final deliverables with speed and accuracy.

Road design software

Roads & Highway

Design, generate cross section and estimate quantities of any type of road with ease and precision.

mine surveying software


Process survey data to create maps, strata-wise cross section and detailed volume calculations with precise reports.

Railway track cross section


Incorporate design changes or field level data for speedy estimation and calculations of material quantities.

irrigation solution infycons


Generate cross sections and quantities of new or existing canals for resurfacing & strengthening.

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GIS Mapping – Know about GIS Mapping and How they work
GIS Mapping – Know about GIS Mapping and How they work
GIS mapping works on collecting the data based on the relationship between the two points tied geospatially. The GIS mapping provides colour coded maps for different criterias as layers so that the geographers, land surveyors and mining engineers can be able to toggle between the layers to find elements of the maps like the existent landscape, underground electrical lines, underground pipe system or the water level by defining the contour of the place.
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canal cross section plotting software
Cross Section data generation using AutoPlotter
Cross sections generation is required in many of the construction and infrastructure development activities like mining, roads, railways, airports, real estate to name a few. The data collection varies from site to site.
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topographic map creation using autoplotter software
Topographic map creation using basemaps in AutoPlotter
Topographic map creation in AutoPlotter is a useful feature for the land surveyors that eases the topo drawing creation from the survey data captured from any make of total station or GPS. Maps can be generated automatically from the data having Northing, Easting, Elevation and reference code.
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Road Estimator – Hill Road Estimation
Road Estimator – Hill Road Estimation
To achieve optimum design where road alignment is attained as per design standards and without excessive costs, it is necessary for the road designer to choose cross sectional elements wisely that helps to accomplish the final geometric design requirements.
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Road Estimator – Widening & Strengthening of Roads
Road Estimator – Widening & Strengthening of Roads
Strengthening of existing road is carried out to increase the stability of road to meet the increased demand in traffic or other criteria. Procedure wise, the existing road should be corrected first with the profile corrective course (PCC) followed by the surface layers.
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Road Estimator – Get final output in direct printable format
Road Estimator – Get final output in direct printable format
When it comes to report generation, complete area, volume or length reports are to be generated as per requirement. To understand, cutting & filling area of a cross section can be generated in full for the entire cross section. But if the construction is planned only for one side, area should be generated only for that portion.
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Contour mapping software
Quick and easy contour generation
Labelling the contours so that the map is easily read and visualized is a critical part. In AutoPlotter contours can be annotated at end, at specified interval along contour line, at line intersections and / or at selected locations of contours.
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road cross section
Road Estimator – Easiest software for cross-section and quantity calculation
Road Estimator (RE) has proved to be an important software tool to automate the entire process of quantity takeoff. Working stage cross sections and quantities can be estimated using the design data such as the finished road levels, pavement layer details, super-elevation etc.
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Total station survey software
How AutoPlotter handles various survey data types
AutoPlotter is compatible with data received from almost all the conventional and modern surveying instruments.
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land mapping and land plotting software
Connecting land survey with Geographical Information System using “AutoPlotter GIS module”
AutoPlotter GIS Webinar on 06th November, 2020. Register now to know more.
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Median or Footpath (Sidewalk) Kerb
Median or Footpath (Sidewalk) Kerb
While defining template in Road Estimator, kerb can be inserted by selecting the required one from the list displayed. The point of insertion can be median, carriageway, paved shoulder, earthen shoulder edge on either left side or on the right side of the road.
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Topographical and contour mapping software
Topography and Contouring using AutoPlotter
Topography and Contouring using AutoPlotter - Webinar on 25th August, 2020. Register now to know more.
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Road estimator software
Introduction to Road Estimator
It requires a great effort to complete road construction project successfully. While all the stakeholders have crucial roles to play, quantity surveyor’s responsibility in replicating the actual site conditions to get the accurate estimate or as-built quantities is equally important.
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