Road Estimator

Quantity surveying software for cross section generation and quantity calculation of road works

Road Estimator™

Road Estimator is a revolutionary software that gives road contractors, consultants and other stakeholders a unique edge for estimation efficiency. It is a complete software for cross section and quantity calculation of new roads and upgrade cases where widening & strengthening of existing roads have to be undertaken. Whether it is expressways, national highways, urban, village or any kind of roads, design or site level alterations can be incorporated quickly without time overruns.

New Roads

Single-lane or multi-lane with or without service roads and pavement consisting of subbase layer, base layers & surface layer without any limitation on number of layers or materials.

Widening of roads

While improving safety of roads for increased vehicular traffic, technical challenges involved in road widening & repairing can be easily accommodated in Road Estimator for quantification, be it soil replacement, change in cross slopes or super-elevation or  introduction of new pavement layers and drains.

Strengthening of roads

Road Estimator automatically detects various road overlay conditions to calculate profile corrective course for strengthening of existing road.

Road Estimator helps in building Railways

Top reasons to choose Road Estimator

User friendly CAD Interface

Simple and easy to use context menu guided application with familiar CAD environment and self-explanatory text boxes, tool tips, toolbars, command line, etc.

Template based Solution

Extremely easy cross section definition for various types of road with no limitation on number of lanes.

As-built Drawing Generation

Supports unlimited as-built and different soil strata layers with toe calculation based on slope projection for separate fill or cut conditions.

Automatic Profile Corrective Course (PCC) Calculation

Key feature of Road Estimator. Conditional material definition with automatic design layers trimming at BT edges. Generates In-depth area & volume reports with material.

Supports Different Types Road Element

Built-in and user defined elements like drain, retaining wall, gabion wall and kerb. Simple definition for various types of elements with detailed area / volume reports.

Ash Layers

As per design and material availability, number of ash layers can be defined based on thickness and their depth.

Easy Design Layers Definition

Unlimited number of layers based on thickness, offset projection, top and bottom camber etc. Layers with variable thickness can be defined for strengthening / overlay conditions.

Fast & Accurate Reporting

Instant pre-formatted reports of length, area and volume. Earthwork cutting or filling, scarification, quantities of various layers at working or as-built stage with option of direct printing or transferring to spreadsheet.

Automatic Embankment Layer Detection

Automatic subdivision of embankment with camber correction to generate embankment layers.

Faster Data Processing

Processes long stretch of road data in least amount of time and instant updates of cross section & quantities.

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