Road Cross Section and Quantity CalculationRoad Estimator™Road Estimator™

Quantity surveying software for road cross section generation and quantity calculation of road works.
Road Estimation

Road Estimator is the most trusted software that gives road contractors, consultants and other stakeholders a unique edge for estimation efficiency. It is a complete software for road cross section and quantity calculation of new roads and upgrade cases where widening & strengthening of existing roads have to be undertaken. Whether it is expressways, national highways, urban, village or any kind of roads, design or site level alterations can be incorporated quickly without time overruns.

Single-lane or multi-lane with or without service roads and pavement consisting of sub-base layer, base layers & surface layer without any limitation on number of layers or materials.

While improving safety of roads for increased vehicular traffic, technical challenges involved in road widening & repairing can be easily accommodated in Road Estimator for quantification, be it soil replacement, change in cross slopes or super-elevation or introduction of new pavement layers and drains.

Road Estimator automatically detects various road overlay conditions to calculate profile corrective course for strengthening of existing road.

New Roads
Widening of Roads
Strengthening of Roads

Top Reasons to choose Road EstimatorReasons

road cross section drawing
road estimator
road quantity calculation software
Automatic PCC Calculation
Different types of Road Elements
Ash layers In Road Estimator
Design layers
Automatic Layer detection

CapabilitiesRoad Estimator

User friendly CAD Interface
Template based Solution
As-Built Drawing Generation
Automatic PCC Calculation
Supports Different Types of Road Element
Ash Layers
Easy Design Layers Definition
Fast & Accurate Reporting
Automatic Embankment Layer Detection
Faster Data Processing

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Road Estimator latest

Road Estimator – Hill Road Estimation
Road Estimator – Hill Road Estimation
To achieve optimum design where road alignment is attained as per design standards and without excessive costs, it is necessary for the road designer to choose cross sectional elements wisely that helps to accomplish the final geometric design requirements.
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Road Estimator – Widening & Strengthening of Roads
Road Estimator – Widening & Strengthening of Roads
Strengthening of existing road is carried out to increase the stability of road to meet the increased demand in traffic or other criteria. Procedure wise, the existing road should be corrected first with the profile corrective course (PCC) followed by the surface layers.
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Road Estimator – Get final output in direct printable format
Road Estimator – Get final output in direct printable format
When it comes to report generation, complete area, volume or length reports are to be generated as per requirement. To understand, cutting & filling area of a cross section can be generated in full for the entire cross section. But if the construction is planned only for one side, area should be generated only for that portion.
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road cross section
Road Estimator – Easiest software for cross-section and quantity calculation
Road Estimator (RE) has proved to be an important software tool to automate the entire process of quantity takeoff. Working stage cross sections and quantities can be estimated using the design data such as the finished road levels, pavement layer details, super-elevation etc.
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Median or Footpath (Sidewalk) Kerb
Median or Footpath (Sidewalk) Kerb
While defining template in Road Estimator, kerb can be inserted by selecting the required one from the list displayed. The point of insertion can be median, carriageway, paved shoulder, earthen shoulder edge on either left side or on the right side of the road.
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Road estimator software
Introduction to Road Estimator
It requires a great effort to complete road construction project successfully. While all the stakeholders have crucial roles to play, quantity surveyor’s responsibility in replicating the actual site conditions to get the accurate estimate or as-built quantities is equally important.
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People about Road EstimatorWhat are our
clients sayingClients

Quick Adaptability!

Capabilities of Road Estimator to meet different types of construction conditions for road cross section and reports generation has encouraged us to adopt it for our road projects. We are a very long time user and appreciate their team for very good support too. Highly recommended.

Neeraj Kumar
GR Infraprojects Limited

Exceeds Expectation

Initially we were skeptical whether Road Estimator would be fine for us because we are working on a railway project in Bangladesh and requirements are different than highways. We were taken by surprise, now our team is convinced and the same is getting used at our other sites apart from road projects.

Nivedan Iqbal
Afcons Infrastructure Limited

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Can we use Road Estimator for railway project?

Yes, it is possible and is being used in many railway projects.

Which method is used for volume calculation in Road Estimator?

Volume can be calculated using Trapezoidal / Simpson’s rule.

Is it possible to import total station data (XYZ) in Road Estimator?

No, AutoPlotter with Road Estimator is required in such cases.

Can we generate 6 lane road sections?

Yes, it is possible to define number of lanes/roads/service roads as required.

What is the system requirement?

Supported OS: Windows 10 and above
Minimum RAM: 1 GB
Minimum Space: 2 GB

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