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What is Mine Surveying and Mine Surveying software

Mine Surveying is the process that involves identifying and quantifying the characteristics of a mine. It is a sub-discipline of my planning and design. It includes collecting information about the land to identify its resources and measuring the progress periodically, which helps in better planning and quantification. In the mining industry, this work is often done by mine surveyors. They use various tools and equipment to collect information, including GPS, total station and other similar surveying instruments. Mine surveying software helps surveyors and engineers plan, design and execute mine surveys in an efficient manner.

Best Mine Surveying software

Mine Surveying software helps precisely calculate the volume of earth to be mined. These mining surveyors are responsible for providing the accurate condition of the ground above and below. The best Mine surveying software must analyse the contours, slopes, and utility available in the area with the mineral.

Mine surveying software is generally used to:
Quickly create accurate maps of the mine site
Compute volumes of excavation, stockpile etc.
Determine if there is enough room inside the mine for additional mining activities

Best Mine Surveying software provides ease of use to the users to help precisely map and calculate the volume of materials to be mined and mined. It facilitates them with complete features for contouring & mapping, section generation and volume calculation of the mines.
Survey data can be processed to generate contour and topographical maps. Volume calculation using different methods such as by sections, DTM-based, Grid volume and elevation-based helps while calculating or verifying quantities. Use can select the most suitable method. Autoplotter Pro, one of the best land surveying software, helps the mining surveyors to understand the mining site and for the accurate volume calculation of the material.
  • Key Features:
  • Fast and Simple Simplicity and Elegance
  • Integrated Survey, Design and CAD
  • Support for all Types of Survey Equipment
  • Traverse Adjustment and Quality Checks
  • Quick and Easy Contour Generation
  • Instant Topographic Map Creation
  • Enhanced DTM with Simplistic Design
  • Automated Workflow for X-Section and Profile
  • Powerful Earthwork Engine with Graphical Visualization
  • 3D Terrain Visualization

Why Choose AutoPlotter as your mine surveying software?

We are a company that specialises in mining surveying software for mining companies and mining experts. We have been developing mining surveying software for over 25 years. Our software AutoPlotter Pro is used by many of the largest mining companies involved in the mining of coal, iron ore, limestone etc., including:
Southeastern Coalfields Ltd
TATA Steel
Ultratech Cement
Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines)

Our software is designed to offer the best surveying features while also offering additional features specifically designed to meet the needs of miners. Our goal is to provide a high level of precision and accuracy while ensuring that our software works well for all types of data and instruments.

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