(LIS) Module:Land Information System(LIS) Module

Efficient Parcel Creation from Ladder Data

Land Information System (LIS) Module is a comprehensive FMB drawing software designed to empower the process of Tippan / Parcel creation using ladder data. With its advanced features and robust functionality, the LIS Module enables efficient compilation, creation, and management of ladder data to generate accurate and reliable Tippan documents.


The software encompasses all the essential steps involved in creating tippan maps. From compiling ladder data to establishing baselines, employing triangulation techniques, and determining precise parcel boundaries, our FMB drawing software provides an intuitive workflow. This ensures the utmost accuracy and consistency in the parcel creation process.

Innovative Software

Assigning attributes to each land parcel is made simple with the LIS Module.

Whether it’s parcel/survey numbers, area and perimeter calculations, landowner details, or other relevant information, our FMB drawing software empowers users to effortlessly incorporate comprehensive attribute data into the Tippan documents. This enriched data further enhances the value and utility of the generated Tippan maps.

Effortless Calculations

The LIS Module’s user-friendly interface and powerful functionality enable users to prepare high-quality Tippan maps with ease. The software’s integrated tools facilitate visualization, editing, and customization, allowing for precise representation of the surveyed land parcels, their boundaries, and associated attributes.

With Land Information System (LIS) Module, you can generate comprehensive and accurate Tippan maps efficiently, saving time and enhancing the reliability of land records management.

Top Reasons to choose LIS ModuleReasons

Flexible Parcel Creation

  • The LIS Module offers multiple options for creating parcels based on your specific requirements. You can create parcels based on ladder information, allowing for efficient and accurate representation of land boundaries. Alternatively, leverage the triangulation functionality to create a network of baselines and pass ladder information for selected baselines. The built-in CAD editor provides exceptional flexibility, enabling instant visualization of creations, modifications and adjustment of parcel boundaries.

Dynamic Linking

  • The dynamic linking feature of the LIS Module establishes a perfect connection between parcel and ladder data. Any modifications made to the drawing automatically update the ladder data, and vice versa. This real-time synchronization saves time and ensures data consistency across all project components. Changes made to the parcel map or ladder data are instantly reflected in the linked elements, eliminating the need for manual updates and reducing the chances of errors.

Special Coding Methodology

  • The LIS Module supports a special coding methodology specifically designed for total station or GPS surveying techniques. This methodology simplifies the parcel creation process and enhances efficiency by automating the parcel creation and ladder data generation process. With this advance workflow, the module optimizes productivity, saving time and effort during the surveying and mapping stages.

Attribute Creation

  • In addition to its powerful parcel creation features, the LIS Module offers an attribute creation functionality that allows you to enhance parcel maps with detailed information. With this feature, you can add various attributes such as parcel/survey numbers, area, perimeter in different units, names, and more to provide comprehensive and valuable data associated with each parcel.

Powerful Expression Tool

  • With the powerful expression tool, the LIS Module enables you to define formulas and attach them as attributes to parcels. This functionality is particularly beneficial when different units of measurement are used in different parts of the world. By customizing attributes with formulas, you can ensure accurate calculations and consistency in data representation, regardless of the measurement standards employed.

New FeaturesWhat’s new in LIS ModuleExplore

Easy and Intuitive
Powerful and Efficient
Customizable and Flexible
Data Consistency and Accuracy

Power-packed with LIS FeaturesFeatures


Draw base line

Establish a baseline for precise parcel mapping

General Settings

Configure essential unit and drawing settings to suit your specific needs

Parcel Creation

Automatically create accurate land parcels from ladder data

Assign Baseline

Efficiently assign baselines as per your mapping process.


Employ triangulation techniques for precise baseline determination.

Create Parcel by Selection

Easily generate parcels by selecting specific points from ladder data.

Create Parcel by Import

Import external survey data to create parcels effortlessly.

Project to Base

Generate ladder data by projecting boundary
line offsets onto established baseline.


Enrich your Tippans with comprehensive attribute data.
Subscription Pricing
Seamless - Robust - Versatile
Experience the synergy of surveying and LIS capabilities in AutoPlotter LIS. Unleash the true potential of your data and leverage the power of Land Information Systems with our comprehensive software solution.

+ 18% GST
+ 18% GST
Single PC (Non Transferrable) / Everything in AutoPlotter Pro +
  • Draw Base Line
  • General Settings
  • Parcel Creation
  • Assign Baseline
  • Triangulation
  • Create Parcel by Selection
  • Create Parcel by Import
  • Project to Base
  • Attribute
+ 18% GST
+ 18% GST
Single PC (Non Transferrable) / Everything in AutoPlotter Pro +
  • Draw Base Line
  • General Settings
  • Parcel Creation
  • Assign Baseline
  • Triangulation
  • Create Parcel by Selection
  • Create Parcel by Import
  • Project to Base
  • Attribute
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What is AutoPlotter LIS?

It is a comprehensive software for creating tippan maps using ladder data.

Can AutoPlotter LIS be customized for different units?

Yes, the software can be customized to work with various units.

What are the system requirements?

As it is an add-on module to AutoPlotter, system requirements are the same as required for AutoPlotter.

Can I upgrade my current AutoPlotter to add LIS module?

Yes, you can place a request and our team will get in touch with you.

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