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The topographical survey is to gather all the spatial information related to the construction site and its man-made and natural features. It is important to create an accurate 3-D view of the existing conditions of the model of the project and to understand how the site will affect the design and construction. This is widely used by various architects, engineers, developers, builders, contractors and private individuals. The topographical mapping software simplifies the mapping data and generates topographic maps displaying various features and elements along with contour lines. This map can be exported to required format to further process and get into detailed engineering. Thus, these topo maps enhance the efficiency and design quality of the project.

Benefits of Topographical Mapping

The topographical land survey of the plot or site will offer you the following benefits:-
It will provide a detailed and accurate picture of the territory or the site. This will help make well-informed decisions when planning new buildings, designing drainage schemes or repositioning new boundaries.
Getting the right information early in the planning stage will reduce the risks of costly errors.
A proper understanding of the topography of the land will have a potential impact on the type of construction that could be built there. This will make sure that the construction is on a proper footing.
For geographical experts, topographical maps help display the terrains and forms of the earth's surface orientation and monuments. While for architects and builders, it is beneficial to identify the appropriate road construction and select appropriate sites. It is immensely helpful in large infrastructure development projects, construction, pipe laying etc too.

Features of Topographic Mapping Software

Digital Mapping
Digital mapping provides an integrated framework in which we can collect, manage, analyse and visualise elevation or other surface data. This will enhance the workflow as the data is easy to share between the stakeholderss or decision-makers.
The topographic mapping software provides specific tools that help automate mappings, and data production at any scale based on the different characteristics. This will make the process efficient, quick and accurate.
Identification of Topography features
The software provides the morphometric analysis of features that you can extract from the digital model. This includes a detailed description of the peak, road, channel, pit etc.
Contour Mapping
This includes contour mapping software that creates contour maps and surface plots from the scattered points, numerical data arrays or any data set. This helps to visualise the shape of the region or territory efficiently.

Connect land development and planning - AutoPlotter / AutoPlotter GIS+

AutoPlotter is a powerful land survey software that includes topographical map creation features. Besides the contour creation, it includes volume calculation, cross-section generation, etc., that adds to the topo maps creation feature from the survey data captured from any station or GPS (Global Positioning System). AutoPlotter GIS+ provides value addition for GIS mapping with features of automatic block creation and attribute definition.

Value of Topographical Mapping Software

Contour Levels
The software will display the contour lines that make it possible to determine the height and shape of mountains, the depth of the ocean and the steepness of the slope. Generally, there are three types of contour lines in a topographical mapping:- intermediate, index and supplementary.
Natural Structures
On a topographical map, the natural structures can be determined, such as mountains, hills, lakes, cities, valleys, oceans, etc. Furthermore, the elevation or height of these structures is also recorded.
Man-made structures
Houses, temples, hospitals, streets, barriers, etc.- these man-made structures can be easily spotted with this survey and their exact location.
Whether you want to locate a centre line, the lowest part of the stream or only the drawing banks, everything can be easily defined via this topographical survey.

Why Choose AutoPlotter as Topographical Mapping Software?

AutoPlotter is a preferred choice for land surveyors, civil engineers and mining professionals because of its capability to handle various data formats from different sources and create topographical maps instantly along with other features. Especially the map creation part is simplified to a great extent with automatic detection of survey codes. This helps to define a code library with required code parameters such as creating a continuous line or closed polyline, associating symbols with codes, etc. These libraries can be retained or reloaded, which saves a lot of time to define the properties.


What is the purpose of topographic mapping?

Topographical mapping is used to put together the spatial information of the site, plot or region with the man-made and natural features. 

What are the advantages of topographic mapping?

Topographical mapping offers numerous benefits, but the key advantages include- providing an in-depth picture of the land and other structures of land. Receiving crucial and accurate information before the planning stage of the construction site reduces the risk of errors and saves money. 

What are the important elements of a topographical map?

The important elements of topographical mapping are contour lines, spot elevations, natural and man-made features. 

Who would use a topographic map?

The topographic maps are used by government agencies, engineers, developers, builders and private individuals.

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