Design and estimation suite catering to the needs of road construction


AutoPlotter® Road Estimator™ (AutoRoads)

AutoRoads is a design suite catering to the needs of consultants and contractors involved in highway design and construction. AutoRoads features unique integration between geometric design aspects giving the designer complete control during entire design process.

To offer flexibility in managing survey data and to make it more suitable to road construction activity, AutoRoads comes bundled with AutoPlotter and Road Estimator.

Top Reasons to choose AutoRoads

Horizontal Curve Design

Automatic interactive curve and transition insertion facility with design checks as per the guidelines. Alignment can be fixed with just a few clicks. Real time plan updating facilitates the user to ascertain the best alignment.

Vertical Curve Design

Powerful for vertical alignment facility. Multiple alignments can be created as per guidelines and appropriate one can be chosen as final design.

Existing & Proposed Data

Software is capable of analyzing the original ground condition and propose an appropriate final level, this helps in arriving at optimum design and estimation.

Calculation of super elevation and extra widening

Super-elevation calculation at curves as per guidelines and produces the report in usable format.

Profile synchronization tools

Curve details such as deflection angle, circular radius, curve start chainage, end chainage etc. can be instantaneously displayed on the plan. In case of design change, detailing is automatically updated saving on drafting effort and time.

Alignment sheet generation

Many tools and utilities for simplifying the overall design process with reduced time and increased clarity of the final output whether it is plan, profile or final report.

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