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A canal cross-section software helps civil engineers to make precise cross-sections of a canal and obtain quantity takeoff before laying irrigation lines or for canal construction. Canal Cross section software helps to gain accurate cross-sections of the existing condition of the canal and more.
Canal Section Estimator (CanSE) module is ideal for cross section generation and quantity calculation of canal and other irrigation works. CanSE has features for drop design based on criteria which is particularly useful for design of branch canals. During cross section definition, CanSE is equipped to define drains, dowels, spoil banks, service roads and lining & pitching and various other elements. CanSE can be efficiently used in new canal construction as well as during re-surfacing and strengthening of existing canal.

Canal Cross Section Generation with AutoPlotter CanSE

Auto-Plotter CanSE or Canal Section Estimator is an ideal canal cross-section plotting software for generating accurate cross section drawings. It has features for drop design based on criteria which are particularly useful for designing branch canals.

CanSE is equipped to define drains, dowels, spoil banks, service roads, lining & pitching, and other elements. CanSE can be efficiently used in new canal construction and re-surfacing and strengthening the existing canals also called modernization of canals.
Autoplotter CanSE

Features for Canal cross section

When there are a lot of softwares for taking canal cross-sections, why choose AutoPlotter CanSE for generating precise cross-sections of a canal and reports
Powerful CAD Engine
AutoPlotter CanSE’s CAD engine is powerful. It is specially built for CAD professionals with preset and custom toolbars for productivity drawing with graphic objects like Points, Lines, Polylines, Circles, Arcs, Ellipses, Rectangles, Dimensions etc. All objects use the 3D coordinate system.
Quick Cross-Section Generation.
It helps generate ongitudinal section from saved data. You can create individual colour codes for layers like OGL, CBL, FSL, TBL, field layers and strata. It also enables the creation of tables with user-defined colours. AutoPlotter CanSE supports various types of cross-sections, including major and minor canal cross-sections. The canal plotting software enables the X-section and calculation of cut and fill quantities from start to end.
Easy Data Import
Engineers can easily import survey data from various instruments and formats such as spreadsheets and CAD drawings. E.g., Spreadsheet interface data entry of Canal bed level, Tank bund level, Full Supply level, Spoil Banks, Inspection Paths or Service Roads, Sub strata layer, Field Layers, etc.. It easily adapts simple data input of catch drains, dowel banks, side slopes, linings and pitchings, etc., at specified anchor points. The CAD drawings generated from other software can also be imported and converted to data and finally drawings and reports.
Detailed Report Generation
The software helps to get detailed reports of area and volume for earthwork cutting & filling, stripping, strata wise, drain and dowel, lining and pitching, field layers such as slush or pits, etc.; these reports are automatically generated. Obtaining reports at preset or user-defined offset points across the section is easy. The software also allows viewing reports in detail or abstract format.
With the AutoPlotter CanSE, you can design your canal with a few presets and other customised data points available for the users.

Why Infycons is best for Canal Cross Section Software?

As one of the leading canal cross-section plotting software providers, Infycons’ AutoPlotter CanSE comes with a powerful CAD integration that helps engineers to drag data and plot canal cross-sections from any data source and automatically generates the drawings. The distinguishing features of Infycons Autoplotter CanSE include:
Easy Data Import
Design Data Interface
Supports Elements of All Types
Canal Drop Design
Quick Cross-Section Generation
Strata Definition and Field Layers
Side Slope Definition
Presentable Section Display
Detailed Report Generation


Which software is best for designing canal cross-sections?

Infycons AutoPlotter CanSE is the best for designing cross-section of a canal.

What are the advantages of canal irrigation?

Canal irrigation is an effective means of irrigation that helps generate income for the government. It is the best way of irrigating infertile soil, helping the crops sustain the drought season, and covering a large area for irrigation.

What is the canal cross-section?

Canal Cross-section is a cross-section diagram of a water channel that helps transfer water from the source to the fields or the target area. The cross-section of canals is taken for a better understanding of the underlying areas, the water level, and the nature of the soil. This information can be superimposed with new or modernization details to assist in construction and other related activities.

Which cross-section is most suitable for a canal?
  • Triangular section
  • Rectangular section
  • Trapezoidal section
  • Circular section

Of all the above-mentioned types, a trapezoidal section and a combination of triangular with circular sections are the most suitable for a canal.

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