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Road Estimator What is a profile corrective course?

A profile corrective course, or PCC, is a road construction technique that improves a road's vertical alignment. It is typically used when a road has to be overlaid to improve the condition and/or capacity of the road, which can provide better experience for the vehicles driving on the new road. It is part of improving the vertical alignment process.

PCC can be especially useful in areas where the existing road surface is damaged or eroded or where the original design of the road is not sufficient for the increased capacity. Using PCC makes it possible to create a smooth and easy road to drive on, with a consistent slope and no sudden changes in elevation.

Automatic PCC Calculation using Road Estimator software

Infycons is one of the best road design software, Road Estimator, is a powerful software tool designed to calculate profile corrective courses. It allows users to easily create detailed cross sections for various road types and conditions. It includes various advanced features that make it easy to calculate the required PCC and create the sections easily and confidently. Whether you are a highway engineer, a construction company, or a government agency, Road Estimator can help you to create high-quality, accurate quantities for your road projects. Its calculation tools and intuitive interface make it the perfect tool for creating cross sections and computations easily for road construction projects.
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