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At Infycons, we try to ensure that our customers get maximum value out of investment made on software. Understanding your goals and how it can be achieved using our products, trainings are adapted for the Civil Engineer such that overall efficiency of the trainee is increased irrespective of the experience level. Various training methods are worked out to suit your training needs.
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Learn and explore more about Road Estimator or AutoPlotter at your pace and preferred time. Get certified upon completion - Welcome to hassle free learning!
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Cross section development – Good faculty and coaching is what I have sensed and acquiring knowledge. Thanks.

Rohini Shinde

Excellent knowledge of Trainers has helped immensely in Exploring the Road Estimator. Thank You all for your Co-operation.


We are thankful to your team who have given continuous support for successful completion of the training program. We expect such training in future also.

N Srinivasarao

Got to learn a lot about the software through this training program & best way to learn with practice side by side.


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