AutoPlotter® with CanSE

Ideal software for cross-sections generation and quantity calculation of canals & other irrigation works


AutoPlotter® with CanSE

Canal Section Estimator (CanSE) is ideal for cross section generation and quantity calculation of canal and other irrigation works. CanSE has features for drop design based on criteria which is particularly useful for design of branch canals. During cross section definition, CanSE is equipped to define drains, dowels, spoil banks, service roads, lining & pitching and various other elements. CanSE can be efficiently used in new canal construction as well as during re-surfacing and strengthening of existing canal.

Top reasons to choose AutoPlotter with CanSE

Powerful CAD Engine

Inbuilt Powerful CAD editor, with maximum cad tools.

Easy data import

Import Level Data in Chainage, Offset and Elevation format from csv or Copy & Paste or direct entry.

Design data interface

Spreadsheet interface for data entry of Canal bed level, Tank bund level, Full Supply level, Spoil Banks, Inspection Paths or Service Roads, Sub strata layer, Field Layers, etc.

Supports elements of all types

Simple data input for catch drains, dowel banks, inspection path / road, linings and pitchings, etc. at specified anchor points.

Canal Drop Design

Provision for automatic drop detection and complete longitudinal section generation with coordinates display.

Quick Cross Section Generation

Easy Cross Section creation with description of Canal Bed Level, Bed width, Fully Supply Level, Tank Bund Level, Side Slopes, etc.

Strata definition

Flexibility to define as-built levels or different strata definition with detailed quantity takeoff.

Side slope definition

Side slope definition for single and multiple slopes at user defined depths and berm width.

Presentable Section Display

Auto Generation of Cross Section with coordinate and area tables with different colours for Individual layers like OGL, FSL, CBL, TBL, with different strata layers.

Detailed Report Generation

Area and Volume Reports of earthwork cutting & filling, drain and dowel, lining and pitching, strata wise etc with direct transfer to spreadsheet or print with a click of a button.

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