Road Alignment Design Software - AutoRoads

AutoRoads is an advanced road alignment design software engineered to facilitate the intricate process of geometric design for civil and highway engineers. Equipped with a suite of modern tools, the software simplifies the complexities of horizontal and vertical curve design, ensuring compliance with the standards.

Precision through Alignment Sheets

At the heart of road alignment design lies the creation of alignment sheets, encompassing drawings of the plan and profile of the road. This critical task serves as a practical link between conceptualization and execution.

Plan Drawing: Grasping the Horizontal Layout

The plan drawing provides an overview of the road layout, detailing the horizontal alignment. This essential drawing sheds light on horizontal curves, entry and exit points, and various features along the route. It is a crucial tool for understanding the practical aspects of the road’s horizontal alignment.

Profile Drawing: Navigating Vertical Dynamics

Complementing the plan drawing, the profile drawing illustrates the vertical perspective, showing elevation changes along the road. This drawing is vital for understanding how the road will traverse slopes, hills, and valleys. It assists in planning necessary cuts and fills, ensuring an efficient vertical alignment.

Alignment sheets, combining plan and profile drawings, serve as a practical canvas for drafting the engineer’s understanding of geometric design. This visual representation aids in efficient project planning, execution, and accurate cost estimation.

AutoRoads: A Comprehensive Solution

AutoRoads goes beyond being just a standalone; it is a comprehensive solution integrating three core software – AutoPlotter, Road Estimator, and AutoRoads Tools – providing a practical approach to road alignment design. The process commences in AutoPlotter, where engineers utilize its robust design features to meticulously plan the geometric layout of roads, incorporating horizontal and vertical curves, including superelevation and widening. Transitioning from design to execution, the Road Estimator facilitates detailed quantity takeoff, calculating precise material quantities required for road construction. AutoRoads Tools generate accurate and visually compelling alignment sheets. In essence, the synergy among AutoRoads elements ensures a coherent and efficient road alignment design process, from initial planning to the creation of construction-ready documentation.

Drawings are created using AutoRoads

AutoRoads Tools simplifies the creation of alignment sheets based on the complete geometric design performed within the road alignment design software. Integrated with an advanced CAD engine, this tool accelerates the entire process, making it fast and easy.

To see the generation of alignment sheets using AutoRoads Tools, explore the video demonstration below:

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