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Railway track cross section solution
Road Estimator
Road Estimator is widely used software that eases the process of creating cross-section and quantity calculation of road works. With unlimited road templates and road related feature definition, the software is used for expressways, national highways, ODR & any kind of road construction. Tools for auto-detection and calculation of Profile Corrective Course (PCC), vertical curve design and preparation of as-built drawings make Road Estimator a unique solution for road consultants and contractors.
Surveying Solutions
AutoRoads is a complete design suite catering to the consultants and contractors involved in highway design and construction. AutoRoads features unique integration between geometric design aspects giving the designer complete control during entire design process. To offer flexibility in managing survey data and to make it more suitable to road construction activity, AutoRoads comes bundled with AutoPlotter and Road Estimator.
Surveying Solution - Infycons
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