Road Estimator – Hill Road Estimation

September 23, 2021

Hill road design and construction is difficult because of terrain & topographic extremes, high elevational differences, climatic conditions etc. To achieve optimum design where road alignment is attained as per design standards and without excessive costs, it is necessary for the road designer to choose cross sectional elements wisely that helps to accomplish the final geometric design requirements.

There can be multiple iterations while achieving gradient and while opting for permanent structures like retaining walls, breast walls and drains. Road Estimator facilitates cross section generation and quantity calculation incorporating all such changes with ease, high speed, and precision.

It is possible that there can be deep cut or high fill and to match this, the slope of the road can have single slope or slope with berms.

Cutting / filling can be done stagewise and the quantities might be required at each stage, or it can be based on strata of different materials. So, the cross sections need to be generated based on level data collected at each stage. There can be complexities because in hilly region it may not be possible to collect survey data at all locations and sometimes data correction is required. This can be to extend collected layer data till certain other layer/offset with slope or simply extend it till the side slope. Apart from meeting all such requirements, it is even possible to define line or enclosed region/area as per user requirements in Road Estimator. This feature can prove extremely useful in certain conditions.

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