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How to use SRTM and ASTER DEM Data for Digital Terrain Model generation using AutoPlotter

Generating accurate digital terrain models (DTMs) is essential for effective reconnaissance and planning in various fields, such as land surveying, civil engineering, and geology and can be used for a variety of purposes, including terrain analysis, hydrological modelling, and environmental assessment. The availability of this global DEM data has made it possible for planners and...

GIS Mapping – Know about GIS Mapping and How they work

GIS mapping works on collecting the data based on the relationship between the two points tied geospatially. The GIS mapping provides colour coded maps for different criterias as layers so that the geographers, land surveyors and mining engineers can be able to toggle between the layers to find elements of the maps like the existent landscape, underground electrical lines, underground pipe system or the water level by defining the contour of the place.

Topographic map creation using basemaps in AutoPlotter

Topographic map creation in AutoPlotter is a useful feature for the land surveyors that eases the topo drawing creation from the survey data captured from any make of total station or GPS. Maps can be generated automatically from the data having Northing, Easting, Elevation and reference code.

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