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Stratawise Excavation Quantity Calculation in Road Estimator

In the realm of highway construction and infrastructure development, precision in excavation quantity calculation is paramount. The latest update in Road Estimator brings an exciting feature to the forefront: the ability to calculate stratawise excavation quantities accurately. This feature is critical, especially in scenarios where the composition of soil strata varies with depth. Let’s delve...

Mastering Quantity Takeoff for Underpasses and Grade Separators with Road Estimator

The process of quantity takeoff is a crucial aspect of highway construction projects, especially for intricate structures such as vehicular underpasses, light vehicular underpasses, and grade separators with connecting roads. Precise quantity takeoff is indispensable for estimating costs, planning the project, and allocating resources. Nonetheless, the distinctive design and construction prerequisites of these structures pose...

Quantity takeoff of varying road construction Layers

Road construction layers are a complex and challenging aspect for various stakeholders involved in road construction, including engineers, contractors, and quantity surveyors. One of the major challenges in road construction is the frequent changes in the cross-profile and pavement layers of the road. as per the design and site conditions. The cross-profile refers to the...

Longitudinal Section (L Section of Road) and Cross Section of Road

GIS mapping works on collecting the data based on the relationship between the two points tied geospatially. The GIS mapping provides colour coded maps for different criterias as layers so that the geographers, land surveyors and mining engineers can be able to toggle between the layers to find elements of the maps like the existent landscape, underground electrical lines, underground pipe system or the water level by defining the contour of the place.

Road Estimator – Hill Road Estimation

To achieve optimum design where road alignment is attained as per design standards and without excessive costs, it is necessary for the road designer to choose cross sectional elements wisely that helps to accomplish the final geometric design requirements.

Median or Footpath (Sidewalk) Kerb

While defining template in Road Estimator, kerb can be inserted by selecting the required one from the list displayed. The point of insertion can be median, carriageway, paved shoulder, earthen shoulder edge on either left side or on the right side of the road.

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