Road Estimator – Easiest software for CS and quantity calculation

July 7, 2021

As Civil Engineers we all know that in Roadworks achieving the cross-section according to the design details and calculation of quantity plays a vital role.  During the design and execution stages, quantity of materials required and consumed are to be calculated precisely. This is usually done by generating cross-sections at regular interval. In the earlier times, each CS was generated manually, and the quantities were estimated.

Road Estimator (RE) has proved to be an important software tool to automate the entire process of quantity takeoff. Working stage cross sections and quantities can be estimated using the design data such as the finished road levels, pavement layer details, super-elevation etc. As RE is a template-based solution, it is extremely easy to process kilometers of data together and get the cross-sections within minutes without any limitations.

While creating as-built CSs, capturing complete data may not be possible because of the site conditions. Special tools are provided so that the data collected can be corrected and complete as-built drawings are generated that replicate the actual site.

When it comes to widening and strengthening of a road, defining profile corrective course (PCC) and other related pavement layers are challenging as it may require meeting different conditions and cross-section may change from chainage to chainage. Not only RE takes care of all such conditions but the entire process can be defined with extreme ease.

Detailed quantity reports of any construction materials like pavement layers, cutting and filling, shoulders etc. are by-products of the CS generation process and can be obtained within few clicks. Options are provided to define customized report too those are not provided in the standard reports, and this gives RE an additional edge.

Roadway consists of elements which differ in every design depending on the type and condition of the project. According to the scenarios the design will be adapted, and the elements like drains, retaining walls etc. will be defined. Details of these elements i.e., the dimensions of all the elements can be entered and finally arrived at the required cross-section.

With nearly two and a half decades of experience, RE has matured to be a complete software that is assisting quantity surveyors for material calculation of any types of roads including expressways, highways, hill roads.