Stratawise Excavation Quantity Calculation in Road Estimator

October 3, 20230

In the realm of highway construction and infrastructure development, precision in excavation quantity calculation is paramount. The latest update in Road Estimator brings an exciting feature to the forefront: the ability to calculate stratawise excavation quantities accurately. This feature is critical, especially in scenarios where the composition of soil strata varies with depth. Let’s delve into the details of this enhancement and how it can transform your excavation calculations.

Understanding Stratawise Excavation

Imagine a construction project that involves digging deep into the earth. As you delve deeper, you encounter different layers of soil and rock. In the past, estimating excavation quantities for these varying strata was a complex and time-consuming task. However, Road Estimator’s latest update simplifies this process.

The Challenge of Variable Strata

In deep excavation projects, it is common for the composition of soil and rock to change as you go deeper. For instance, you might encounter soft soil at the surface, followed by a layer of soft rock, and eventually, reach a rocky strata. Each of these strata requires a different approach when it comes to road excavation. What’s more, the excavation rates can differ significantly for each stratum.

Customizing Excavation for Each Stratum

Road Estimator offers a versatile solution to this challenge. You can now input the depth of each stratum at various chainages, allowing you to account for changing soil compositions accurately. This flexibility means that as your project progresses, and the strata depths evolve, your excavation calculations remain precise.

Adaptive Side Slopes

Defining side slopes for each stratum is equally important, as this affects the volume of material to be excavated. With Road Estimator, you have the option to customize side slopes for individual strata. This level of detail ensures that your excavation calculations align with the specific requirements of each stratum, optimizing your project’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Constant Depth Approach

Alternatively, you can simplify the process by providing constant depths for each stratum. As the ground level changes, Road Estimator adapts the side slopes accordingly. This approach streamlines the data input process while maintaining accuracy in your excavation calculations.

Automated Quantity Generation

One of the standout features of Road Estimator’s stratawise definition is the automation of excavation quantity calculation. The software automatically calculates excavation quantities for each stratum, including soil, soft rock, and hard rock. This automation not only saves you valuable time but also minimizes the risk of manual errors, ensuring the reliability of your excavation estimates.

Putting Stratawise Excavation Quantity Calculation to Work

The practical applications of stratawise excavation quantities are vast including in Hill Road Construction. Road construction and infrastructure projects can now benefit from more accurate estimates, which lead to better resource allocation and cost management. Moreover, this feature enhances project planning, enabling teams to adapt to changing strata conditions as they arise.

In the dynamic world of highway construction and infrastructure development, precision and adaptability are indispensable. The latest update to Road Estimator introduces stratawise excavation quantities, a feature that promises to remodel how excavation calculations are performed. Whether you are dealing with variable soil compositions or changing strata depths, Road Estimator provides a comprehensive solution that saves time, reduces errors, and optimizes project outcomes. Adopt the new way of excavation estimation with Road Estimator’s stratawise quantities – your key to a more efficient highway construction process.

The complete process is explained in our recent webinar. You can check it out from the below link.

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