Connecting land survey with Geographical Information System using “AutoPlotter GIS module”

November 5, 2020

As a land surveyor, does GIS sound troubling? Do you think geo-referencing is a tough task? Do you know using base maps effectively with the survey data can greatly help your final delivery?

There has always been a challenge when a surveyor wants to bring his data to the GIS environment. The reasons can be many.

While every challenge can be handled in different ways e.g. geo-referencing to assign the global coordinates or using a base map to refer the survey drawing to get the actual site reference, lack of process knowledge i.e. how can I get these things done?, can affect the final deliverable to a great extent.

Considering these facts, we are coming up with an 80-minute webinar on “Connecting land survey with Geographical Information System using AutoPlotter GIS module”.

Professionals involved in mapping would find it useful:

  • To generate the topographic drawings
  • How to effectively use a base map
  • Geo-referencing
  • Attribute creation, etc.

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