Introduction to Road Estimator

August 5, 2020

It requires a great effort to complete road construction project successfully. While all the stakeholders have crucial roles to play, quantity surveyor’s responsibility in replicating the actual site conditions to get the accurate estimate or as-built quantities is equally important.

Road Estimator helps to achieve this goal of cross section generation and quantity calculation in the simplest way possible. After the land surveyor collects the ground data using auto level, total station or similar surveying instruments, design details can be easily brought in to create cross sections and quantities.

It is quite easy to get the sections as shown above by following few simple steps and get the area and volume reports for different materials.

We would be showing the demonstration of the same in our upcoming webinar on August 7, 2020. This will be an introductory session which will be followed by few other webinars showcasing profile corrective course (PCC), drain, retaining wall definition etc. in the coming days.

Highlights of the session

Introduction to Road Estimator webinar saw a great level of interest among the participants. It was mainly because this was the first online session we had organised which was limited only to the basic definition of a new road.

The session focused on the four steps involved in the creation of any road cross section.

  • Original Ground Level (OGL) data format & import
  • Finished Road Level (FRL) data format & import
  • Template definition (CW, PS, US, Side slope etc.)
  • Pavement layer creation

After the cross sections are generated, coordinate table, toe markers, dimension etc can be displayed with single click to make the CS more informative and presentable.

Area / volume reports for cutting or filling, design layers, median fill, shoulder or for any other materials are obtained as a spinoff of the steps followed to create the sections. 

If you missed the webinar, you can view it here (link to the recorded session after collecting email) Other topics such as unlined or lined drain, retaining wall, profile corrective course (PCC), service roads etc. will be covered in our future webinars.

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