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Surveying has been an integral part of any type of infrastructure development. Be it transportation, irrigation, mining, railways or mapping, accurate measurements of land property is of utmost significance. Technological upgrade is playing a key role in redefining the methodologies adapted in topographical, cadastral or route surveying. Our solutions are tailored in such a way that the traditional approach and the newer techniques are addressed with equal importance to meet the client’s expectations.


AutoPlotter, a flagship product of Infycons, is one of the most popular and powerful software for surveying community. AutoPlotter is being used by leading consulting firms, contracting firms, government & public bodies and surveying professionals around the globe to interface with surveying field equipments, process and produce final deliverables with lot of ease.

AutoPlotter® with GE module

Google Earth (GE) module is a breakthrough addition in the Infycons’ product line. It comes integrated with AutoPlotter for interfacing and processing Google Earth Images to extract data after reading latitude, longitude and altitude information for single/multiple tiles. Data transfer from Google Earth and AutoPlotter can be seamlessly performed.

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