Hydrographic Surveying Success with AutoPlotter Advanced

Sloka Infra Solutions delivers surveying services with a focus on safety, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness. Their offerings cater to diverse industry needs, ensuring precision and reliability in every project.

From topographic surveys to ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology, Sloka’s proficiency extends further to route surveys and quantity surveying. Their adept use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) transforms spatial data into actionable insights.

Sloka stands at the forefront of hydrographic surveys, showcasing a remarkable ability to traverse the complexities of underwater terrains and harnessing cutting-edge technologies to redefine the possibilities of bathymetric surveys. Specializing in gathering elevation data from submerged terrains, Sloka leverages the power of AutoPlotter Advanced to effortlessly process vast datasets, achieving precision in their topographic mapping ventures.

Discovering AutoPlotter Advanced

Sloka’s journey with AutoPlotter Advanced began with Mr. Shivaiah, Owner, inspired by a colleague’s recommendation, seeking a robust solution capable of handling the complexities of underwater surveys. Intrigued by the software’s promise to manage extensive datasets, they approached Infycons, and the collaboration marked a turning point in their surveying capabilities.

Power of rapid processing

One of the standout features of AutoPlotter Advanced for Sloka was speedy data processing capabilities. With a need to create grid data from randomly surveyed points, it was overwhelming for them to witness AutoPlotter Advanced easily processing lacs of points within seconds. This accelerated speed enhanced their workflow, allowing them to focus more on the particulars of underwater landscapes.

Contours with precision

AutoPlotter Advanced proved to be more than just a data processor; it became an indispensable tool in Sloka’s quest for precision. Creating contours at regular intervals is a fundamental requirement for their projects, and AutoPlotter Advanced not only met but exceeded these expectations. The software’s ability to generate contours ensured compliance with statutory shading requirements set by their clients.


Aesthetic Excellence: Contour Shading

One feature that particularly resonated with Sloka was AutoPlotter Advanced’s contour shading capabilities. Statutory obligations mandated the shading of regions between each contour, and the software readily translated this requirement into reality. The software’s user-friendly interface was much appreciated, making the process of contour shading both efficient and visually appealing.

Success Story

Sloka Infra Solutions’ experience with AutoPlotter Advanced is a success story. From rapid data processing to precision contour generation, the software has exceeded their expectations. As they continue to explore the depths of underwater surveying, AutoPlotter Advanced stands as a reliable companion, helping their approach and setting new standards in the field.


AutoPlotter Advanced has been very useful for us. This software handles our large survey data with incredible speed. Though not a complete hydrographic surveying software, it is a vital tool that ensures precision in contour generation that easily meets statutory requirements. With AutoPlotter Advanced, our bathymetric surveys have improved efficiency and accuracy.

— Mr. Shivaiah, Owner, Sloka Infra Solutions

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What is the difference between AutoPlotter Advanced and Professional versions?

Professional version contains all the features required for land surveyor whereas Advanced version is limited to contouring and topographic mapping.

Can I generate Sections in AutoPlotter Advanced?

No, sections cannot be generated. AutoPlotter Pro version is suitable for such requirements.

How is it licensed?

Currently, it is based on 1 year and 3 years subscription.

Is it possible to upgrade to AutoPlotter Pro later?

Yes, it is possible.

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