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Training on Road Estimator Upskill & Grow

Designed for Quantity Surveyors, Highway & Planning Engineers and
other stakeholders in the Highway Construction Companies
Attention HR and Training Managers
You know how important it is to equip your team with the right tools and skills to deliver projects on time and on budget.
That's why we are excited to offer you our Road Estimator training program.
Timely Training
Our program is designed to help quantity surveyors, highway engineers, and planning engineers get the most out of Road Estimator software, the powerful tool for quantity takeoff in the highway construction industry. Our training sessions cover everything from the basics of the software to advanced techniques for creating accurate project estimates.
Technical Training


The training program is led by experienced professionals, they will guide your team through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to ensure that they are fully equipped to use Road Estimator to its fullest potential.

With our training program, you can:

• Improve project planning and estimation accuracy
• Boost productivity and efficiency
• Reduce errors and rework
• Empower your team to make informed decisions

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your team's skills to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our Road Estimator training program and how it can benefit your highway construction company.

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Expert Instructors
Hands on Learning
Tailored Training
Advanced Topics

In addition to our Road Estimator training program, we have a long-standing association with the National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR), a leading institute for education, research, and training in the construction industry.

Through this association, we can offer advanced-level training programs in addition to the Road Estimator training on a range of other construction field related topics, including project management, cost control, quality management, and more. These programs are designed to help your team build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s competitive construction industry.

Whether you’re looking to upskill your team or provide specialized training for specific roles, our advanced-level training programs can help you achieve your goals. We can tailor our programs to meet your specific needs and requirements, ensuring that your team receives the training they need to succeed.

“As part of NICMAR, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Infycons on several joint training programs. These programs are a unique opportunity for professionals in the construction industry to learn from both academic experts and industry practitioners, providing a well-rounded perspective on the latest trends and best practices.

One of the key benefits of a joint training program is the opportunity for participants to learn from a diverse group of instructors. At NICMAR, we bring a wealth of academic expertise to the table, while Infycons provides valuable insights from real-world experience. This combination of academic and practical knowledge is essential for developing the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the construction industry.

Course FeedbackHappy Learners

I highly recommend joint training programs with Infycons and NICMAR to any training manager looking to provide their team with a comprehensive and valuable learning experience. The quality of the instruction and the learning opportunities provided are truly top-notch.”

Prof Sarbesh Mishra


What is the mode of training?

Training can be provided online or at your preferred location.

How many minimum participants are required?

5 or more.

Is it possible to customise the training?

Yes, it can be customised based on your requirements.

Can we generate 6 lane road sections?

Yes, it is possible to define number of lanes/roads/service roads as required.

Do we need to have Road Estimator License during the training?

No, we can provide the license or you may use your license with the latest software. Even evaluation or trial version can be used.

Do you provide certificates after completion of the training?

Yes, usually certificates are provided after the assessment.

How can I purchase Road Estimator Software?

Kindly fill in the purchase/order request form available on this website so that we can get in touch with you. You can also give us a call at +91 80 66320710 or email us at

What kind of estimations can be done using the road estimator software?

Road estimator software helps to generate cross sections and the materials that needs to be used in construction of any types of roads and railways.

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