Quick and easy contour creation

July 21, 2021

Civil Engineers and construction professionals know the importance of contours to understand the nature of ground. It can be to the realize the current terrain condition and / or to plan the future development activities. Contours can be developed in many ways but the way it is represented can help to understand the contour map easily for the planned purpose.

Here, we will detail how AutoPlotter generates contours and some of the features that the engineers would find useful. Apart from the usual way to represent contours based on the elevation interval for major and minor contours, it is possible to create criteria based on multiple elevation ranges i.e., starting RL and ending RL at specified interval with defined properties for each range. It is also possible to create individual contour with different properties.


Group based Contours

Range based Contours

Labelling the contours so that the map is easily read and visualized is a critical part. In AutoPlotter contours can be annotated at end, at specified interval along contour line, at line intersections and / or at selected locations of contours.

Boundary filters for including or excluding different marked areas to draw contours inside or outside boundaries or defining hard or soft break lines for proper terrain representation is possible in AutoPlotter.

Contours with boundary filters

Apart from these, there are various options available like drawing layer control, contour smoothening, minimum contour length / area etc.  to make the process simpler in CAD environment.