Infycons SiteConnect

Infycons SiteCONNECT is a unique solution where we come closer to our customers to meet the site level challenges of quantity calculation. Over the years we have realised that these challenges can arise due to non availability or migration of qualified and experienced staff, lack of technical tools’ knowledge or sometimes even due to communication problems that may result in time or cost overruns. At the end project profitability is compromised.

In this program we associate with our customers over the complete project duration and help them in quantity auditing periodically.

Infycons advantage

Infycons with its vast knowledge in roadworks, mining, irrigation and other infrastructure projects, can understand the core processes of your project life cycle and customize offerings to have better control over construction progress in terms of accurate quantity calculation and verification that suits the organisational requirements.

With AutoPlotter Road Estimator, Infycons has established presence in many of the ongoing infrastructure projects. Our well qualified staffs have supported customers at nearly every stage of the project and many a times, new methodologies have also been developed to meet project requirements.

  • Better control over variations in quantity calculation
  • Helps in avoiding repetitive tasks i.e. checking and rechecking
  • Complete accuracy and better project monitoring

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