Whether you want to get your topographical map with contours and 3D terrain model, or you are looking for sections, or cadastral maps, AutoPlotter can do it all for you in a way which you will always appreciate, the easy way. AutoPlotter works on the 'Field to Finish' to deliver automated outputs and accelerate your project completion.

No wonder, after the introduction of AutoPlotter a decade back, it has gained popularity globally among Engineering & Surveying community in various domains such as route, topography, revenue, mining, city planning, 3D modeling and has more than 10000 installations

Top 10 reasons to choose AutoPlotter

Simplicity and elegance

AutopLotter works on a simple workflow which is easier to understand even for first time users. Familiarlity with CAD interface can be an added advantage as similar command structures are maintained.

Integrated Survey, Design and CAD

AutopLotter works on a principle of 'field to finish'. Survey data from various source can be directrly processed to auto-create maps and design instantly.

Support for all type of Survey equipments

AutoPlotter supports traditional and modern instruments with ease. While supporting data from traditional optical instruments such as Theodolite, tacheometer, compass etc. it also supports data from GPS, Total Station and LiDAR

Traverse adjustment and quality checks

Built in traverse adjustment functions can can help to you rigorously adjust your survey to utmost precision and providing you with option for various methods such as Bowditch, Transit, Least Square etc.

Active drawing and data

AutopLotter's drawing and data are linked together giving you ultimate control on our CAD environment and updating your views in real time as and when things changes.

Better control of large datasets

The new engine features 64bit processing workflow handling larger databases with ease.

Enhanced DTM with simplistic design

The new DTM engine and interface is designed to provide complete control to you with minimum user interaction. DTM can can pre-configured and used with different point sets providing strong analysis option

Automated workflow for X-Section and Profile

X-Section and Profile (Longitudinal section) can be instantly created with AutoPlotter. Support for direct use of Linear data or data collected using Level survey to create section siginificantly simplifies workflow

Powerful earthwork engine with graphical visualization

AutoPlotter features various options to calculated Take off quantities. Cut and fill zones can be visualized for better planning. Volume calculations are supplemented by detailed report

3D Terrain visualization

Your survey data and can be converted to 3D terrain which helps in visualization. You can create flythroughs with animation along your area of interest using waypoint quickly. Save the animation for presentation briefs directly