Infycons Creative Software Private Limited is a dedicated group of engineers and software professionals. We develop and market quality software products for the engineering field and provide state of the art solutions in the field of GIS and MIS, engineering applications and graphical applications. Our software is used not only for conventional tasks, but also in highly specialized fields. Regardless of the scale of work, we have consistently set the standard for integrating reliability and ease of use. Behind this reputation lies a comprehensive approach to product design, development and implementation. The culture at Infycons' is research oriented and driven by industry needs Our company was established in 1997 in Surat, Gujarat, India. We have since then expanded to other parts of the country having our head office at Bangalore, Karnataka, India. We have established dealer and agent network all over India. The company's growth has been remarkable. Our products are marketed and supported by us directly and through a well established dealer network in India. The company's flagship product AutoPlotter is a huge success in the infrastructure industry and has more than 5000 installations all over the country. Our other products and modules such as Road Estimator, Canal Section Estimator, Mine module, Land Information System module etc. have added vertical functionality to specific industries and are accepted widely by the industry.

Our past achievements should be a springboard to the future and not a platform of complacency. It is our integrity and commitment to serving our clients that will guide us in our future endeavors.

CEO Sandipan Chakraborty